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Book Description:

“Go beyond Hola and Adiós – increase your Spanish proficiency with this must-have beginner-friendly guidebook.

With over half a billion speakers around the globe, Spanish is one of the most widely used languages worldwide.

Knowing how to speak, read, and write in Spanish will open more doors for you – making you more competitive in-demand in the workplace, and also more relatable when interacting with Spanish speakers.

If you’ve been meaning to start learning Spanish but have always hesitated for one reason or another, you can say goodbye to all your excuses.

This essential guidebook is designed specifically to teach beginners like you the basics of the Spanish language, so you can start speaking and understanding it easily.

Read inside to discover:

● A brief history of the Spanish language and an overview of who speaks it – discover how the language came to be spoken throughout the world
● An introduction to the Spanish alphabet and numbers – start telling time and writing dates without relying on translators!
● The genders of Spanish nouns — master this tricky grammatical rule with some useful guidelines to help you figure out which nouns are masculine and which are feminine
● Spanish adjectives 101 – pay someone a compliment, complain about your food, or just talk about the weather en español
● How to conjugate verbs and get your tenses right – it’s not as difficult as you might think!
● How to create simple sentences in Spanish, complete with adverbs and prepositions – make sure native speakers understand what you’re talking about
● A list of commonly-used practical expressions in Spanish — introduce yourself, ask questions, ask for assistance, and get familiar with a place

Whether you want to beef up your resume, deepen your relationship, or simply sharpen your mind, learning Spanish will always be beneficial.

With the help of this book, you’re on the right track to speaking Spanish fluently.

Build your Spanish speaking and comprehension skills ASAP.”

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